About Us

Masaar Performance Institute (MPI) was born in collaboration with Key Performance Institute LLC, Dubai and the Ajman Holding, Ajman and in close collaboration with the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation in Ajman in order to integrate mandatoryonline creative writing services education and quality control into the Ajman real estate market.
This will be achieved through the interplay of Ajman Government as the regulatory body, MPI as the educational body and a real estate portal as the platform and interface between the customers and industry players.
The regulatory body provides the legal framework for education and quality control by establishing the necessary laws. The educational body MPI will develop the training and the rating system, which will apply to all licensed industry players. MPI provides the mandatory education for the real estate market and provides additional trainings to customers of different professions.

MPI – Vision

To establish the Ajman real estate market as one of the world’ leading benchmarks in customer/investor satisfaction, professionalism and education for industry players, and finally transparency and market quality. With the success in the Ajman market, the concept will be also a benchmark in other markets around the world.