Brokerage Activity in the Rental of Real Estate

  1. 1. Introduction to Real Estate Brokerage (AC 601)

    Part 1 – Introduction to working in real Welcome to one of the oldest and most vital and profitable industries in the world. The first part will show you the golden rules of real estate, which help you to deal with the public, your peers and the property

    Part 2 – How to start in real estate
    Agents who decide to start working in real estate will get insights on how to find the right company to work with or if opening an own company will be more beneficial. We will look at a normal commission and fee structures, choosing the right location, managing the inventory, training in the job, use of technology and aspects of marketing and advertising.

    Part 3 – Basics of a successful salesperson
    The last part will show the student what it takes to be a successful salesperson by having the right attitude, the right ethic, a good plan and the right goals. It will also show why some people fail in the real estate industry and will show how to overcome these obstacles.

  2. Specialization in Real Estate (AC 602)

    Part 1 – Introduction to specialization The student will have an insight into the advantages of specialization. It will show difference in farming and hunting in real estate. It will teach how specialization will create superior knowledge, which in turn will create a competitive advantage over your competition.

    Part 2 – Market analysis In order to become a specialist in an area and market, the student first needs to learn to understand and analyze the macro and micro level of the market and the area he is specializing in. We will be looking at analyzing unique listings in the market, study the actual transaction in the market and with it to calculate the absorption rate. The absorption rate can then be used to influence sellers and buyer alike to close a deal faster, to change asking prices or to trigger urgency to commit to a deal.

    Part 3 – becoming a contributor in your community In order to become a true specialist the agent needs to become a valuable contributor to the community in which he/she operates. It will show different ways to network in your area and with it creates trust within the community. Through the right networking approach the agent will be able to generate more listings and sell properties faster

  3. Property Acquisition (AC 603)

    Part 1 – Importance of property acquisitions The best real estate agents start with the right product – the perfect listing. With the perfect listing faster und better leads are generated. The most important aspect is to sign an exclusive listing. The course will provide advantages of an exclusive listing for the seller and the agent. Further, it will highlight the task of a listing agent.

    Part 2 – Property inspection, appraisal, and sales strategy Every listing process starts with the property inspection. How should the agent approach the seller in the first meeting and during the property inspection? The inspection should be done in every detail in order to sell the property faster. Understanding the motive of the seller is paramount. Only then can agent and seller agree on a mutual sales strategy. The course will show how to make a good appraisal of a property and to prepare and sign the listing contract.

    Part 3 – Property Listing and presentation Key to any good listing is the right listing presentation. This starts with the listing in the CRM system, with tips on the tight heading and description for the property. Additionally, good pictures are the other important factors. We will look at a basic guide on how to take good property pictures.

  4. Property Marketing (AC 604)

    Part 1 – Basics of Marketing In part we will define marketing and look at some basic principles such as the economic utilities of marketing, the marketing mix, marketing performance, the product life cycle, the customer life cycle, and service marketing with the service marketing triangle the gaps model of service quality.

    Part 2 – Sales, Marketing Branding The second part firstly explains the difference between push vs. pull marketing and shows different marketing strategies a long the customer life cycles and shows how they can be categorized into sales, marketing and branding.

    Part 3 – Real Estate Marketing The last part looks at classic real estate marketing strategies, such as open house appointment, sign boards, online vs. print advertising, prospecting and networking with peers and cooperation partners.

  5. Utilizing Social Media (AC 605)

    Part 1 Social Media Marketing Why social media marketing is important? What are the major trends when it comes to social media marketing? Which platform makes sense for what kind of business? In the first part you will get an overview about the most important platforms and learn what to expect from each platform.

    Part 2 Social media messaging In 2018 social messaging overtook social media and especially businesses benefit from it. Learn how to utilize social messaging for your business.

    Part 3 Developing a strategy Strategize! In our fast-developing world, we need to implement new strategies faster than ever if we want to stay in the business. Learn to build a social media and social messaging strategy to lift your business to the next level. Understand how social customer service will help you to boost your business.

  6. Real Estate CRM for brokers (AC 606)

    Part 1 – Sales tools in the CRM First the students will be introduced to different tools available in CRM programs on how to manage the inventory, leads and customers. The importance of complete data and information is paramount in order to generate more leads, maximize sales and to have a higher customer retention rate.

    Part 2 – Handling Inventory In part 2, the students will learn on how to handle their inventory correctly. How to create a quality listing in the CRM will be explained, including the importance of the good pictures, description, title and exact features in order to be as detailed as possible. This will influence the ranking on different portals and will increase the number of leads. Additionally, how agents will be able to manage their clients and contacts correctly. How can correct data create loyal customers and create a constant awareness.

    Part 3 – Lead Management The final part will look at the lead management. This includes how agents can match their leads with existing inventory and visa versa. It will also show how agents can establish a constant pipeline of leads and inventory. Finally, it will be shown how the CRM system can be used to generate reports in order to understand KPIs and improve them accordingly.

  7. Leasing Processes (AC 607)

    Part 1 – Forms and contracts The course will look at the different forms and contracts between agent and the landlord/tenant and the leasing contracts between tenant and landlord. It will show what kind of terms and conditions can be agreed upon in standard leasing contracts. It will help the agent to better negotiate a mutual contract for tenants and landlords.

    Part 2 – The different leasing scenarios The student will get an overview of the different scenarios in a leasing transaction. This includes short term leasing vs. long term leasing, sub-leasing and long-term leasing contracts with institutional clients for multiple units or full buildings. It will highlight the different steps and procedures when concluding a lease agreement.

    Part 3 – due diligence The last part will explain the importance of a proper due diligence of all the information and paperwork for tenants and landlords. It is the agent’s responsibility to make sure that all documents are correct, up to date and ready for the execution of the contract. Tenant and landlord authenticity has to be assured. We will also look at different forms of companies and what needs to be done when a property has been or will be rented under a name of a company or a company represent the landlord. Finally, a transfer checklist will be discussed in order to assure a smooth process.

  8. Customer Service Skills (AC 608)

    Part 1 – Qualifying clients The most important skill of any sales person is to ask the rights questions and to be able to listen. We look at different techniques to qualify clients and to understand their needs and motives.

    Part 2 – Customer interaction During a leasing process, an agent will meet the client several times. We look at different scenarios on how best to gain the trust of the client. We look at the first impression at the first meeting. Especially in a first meeting the client naturally resists to any strong closing approach. In general tips and techniques on a perfect meeting will be discussed. We will also look at the perfect viewing and how an agent should guide the customer through a property. The right attitude in the meeting coupled with the right questions during the viewing will help the agent to better close deals. Also the student will learn on how to best conduct prospecting and stay in regular contact with clients.

  9. Developing the Mindset (AC 609)

    Part 1 – Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset What differentiates the successful broker from the less successful one? One of the main reasons is because they have the right mindset. But what is mindset? Understand how your mindset is and why.

    Part 2 – Secret of Success In the second part we discover the ways how to change our mindset into the better. You will understand why once your mindset is changing everything on the outside will change along with it. We will go through practical examples and learn the rules how to create an instant internal shift.

  10. Closing Strategies and Techniques (AC 610)

    Part 1 Developing a strategy Without having a proper strategy, you will have success only by accident. In order to achieve your goals consistently you must have a strategy. As a part of it you learn how to develop a SWOT analysis for your properties. This will help you to be better prepared for your customer communications

    Part 2 Sales Techniques Learn about the most important skills of the most successful sales people. Understand the psychology of your customers in order to develop the right technique for every different customer. Get to know the techniques that make you more successful when it comes to closing more rental contracts.

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